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Welcome Friends !

I am asking for your support to serve another term on Rochester City Council.

Since I was first sworn in, I have asked the tough questions, expected accountability in our City government, and played a leadership role on Council.

Our party celebrates diversity, and is home to many different people and different ideas. The fact that we as Democrats often feel differently on the issues affecting City government is a good thing in City Hall because that difference of opinion provides the necessary checks and balances.

On the hundreds of issues that have come before City Council during the past seven years, I have studied each one on a case-by-case basis.

While I have been supportive of many initiatives advanced by the City administration, I have never been afraid to engage the administration in policy debate and to vote no when I disagree with the merits of a program or proposal.

Lastly, like you, I have been very active in our local party "trenches." I am a long time member of the MCDC Executive Committee as Treasurer, a former Leader of the 26th Legislative District in the City of Rochester, and a current committee member of the 23rd Legislative District. I have circulated designating petitions, often served as campaign treasurer, helped install lawn signs, worked on phone banks, and performed other work to help elect good Democrats.

I am proud of the public service work I've done, the no-nonsense positions I have taken, and the time I have spent bringing our community into the process. I hope you'll support me for another term on City Council. If you have any questions, please free to contact me at 254-2227 or at caroleeconklin@aol.com.




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